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WEBINAR: Sustaining Business Operations During an Age of Uncertainty

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In light of recent events regarding COVID-19, businesses are tasked with the challenge of continuing to conduct business while ensuring the safety of all employees. The good news: there are some options to help meet both objectives. As many begin to implement work-from-home policies, businesses plan and prepare their organization to implement this policy safely, and strategically. 

In ICG's Webinar titled "Sustaining Business Operations During an Age of Uncertainty", Jerry Hook, CTO, starts by discussing the steps to creating an efficient plan for your employees as you begin to work-from-home. 

Throughout the webinar, Jerry explores the options, timelines and best practices needed to safely implement your work-from-home policy including how to maintain high level of IT security as you move the security boundaries outside your corporate wall, and effective ways to communicate with your team.

To watch the full webinar recording, click here.

Tags: Security, IT, Webinar

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